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Welcome to the intersection of innovation and inspiration! I'm Krista with a "K", your guide in crafting a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary. Here You will have a front row seat to seeing what happens when Passion meets Purpose.



How I painted my stainless steel Fridge to look like those beautiful Cafe appliances

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Hi, I'm Krista.
Your BFF +  Creative Inspiration.

At this point in my life it is really hard to define who I am in one sentence. My journey has been such a beautiful one full of ups and downs with so many life lessons, and amazing blessings have come my way once I started to do life on my terms.

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Feel The Shift Podcast

So, grab your journal, because we're not just scratching the surface—we're delving into the details, uncovering the gems of wisdom that can turn any shift into an opportunity for greatness. This is 'Feel the Shift,' where we answer the call, embrace change, and design a life that feels authentically yours.


What I do

After years of working online I've taken the pieces that I loved to do throughout my journey and am now focusing on only doing that. The creative side is my passion. I love to create, see a vision and bring it to life. Now my focus is doing UGC for other brands that you and I both love, leveraging risidual income online, and teaching you through my content how you can get started on that side hustle you have been wanting to start. I am an introvert at heart, but I love the camera and video and helping others succeed online.

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